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Abbudin Jihad during his defeat in 2009.

The battle of Jihad is heating up, and each day there's a victim taken. However, did you know there's also another secret war? Most don't know this, but in both America and the Middle East evidence is gathering that our major leaders (including the government) are actually sending furbies in underground bases to fight against each other. These secret battles also take place in forests, deserts, and any other place that man has hardly set foot on. According to experts in the work force, both the American furbies (also known as "Freedom Furbies") and the Muhammad furbies build a network of tunnels throughout the underground of three major places, Israel, Qu'ran, and Egypt. These tunnels channel through over one-hundred acres of land, and are located about three miles deep. However, no one has managed to find where the tunnels first start out. It seems only the government knows where the holes first begin and where they end. Muhammad Abdullah is a major Furby leader, he is most known for leading the Muhammad furbies into victory in the "Furby Jihad", in which all the Muhammad furbies ambushed the Freedom Furbies and smuggled a few into their secret death chambers, which still haven't been located, and are still hardly known about. However, this is considered a minor skirmish compared to a few other battles, some of which lead the Freedom Furbies into victory.
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Three Freedom Furby generals in a photo shoot before their take-off in 2003.

One battle, "The War of Sacred Furbies" began in 2009, and Mason R. Matthew, a furby general, defeated a few of the major enemies, some of which were people. This was probably why the "Furby Jihad" got started in late 2010. It is said, a few of the Freedom Furbies have gathered in The White House to discuss their plans to abolish all nuclear weapons that the enemy has. No one is quite clear how or if this plan is going to be put in motion or not, but it's still being discussed. A few other Freedom Furbies have also gathered in New York City's City Hall to talk about the possibility of missing Freedom Furbies, stating that their "No Man Left Behind" code should not be broken. Officials have forced any citizens to stay out of the area, until it is reopened, and the furbies are done.

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Muhammad Abdullah caught red-handed in 2005.


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