Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I just wanted a place to express myself, regardless if you're reading or not. I'll start this off by saying, "Yay! Giants won!", but I honestly don't really care about football (no offense, football fans). I'd rather play sports, rather than watch them. (The only sport I can watch is boxing, and that's only for Manny Pacquiao.) Anyways, let us begin...

Silent Movies

I find it quite a weird quirk for me.

Most would find silent movies extremely boring, due to the silence (duh), but somehow I find enjoyment in watching them. I have Netflix Instant installed on my Wii, which means I can watch whatever I want whenever I want. (Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean.)

Anyways, I saw 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on there and I remember ordering it before the Instant days as a joke, and found it dull and never completed it (I only watched 30 seconds of it, lol). This time, I decided to give a try (with my older, wiser brain) and found it rather quite interesting, so I ended up watching the whole thing. Can you believe that? Also, Captain Nemo looked like an anorexic, tan Santa Clause (lol).

Anyways, afterwards, I decided to watch Nosferatu. If you've ever watched the "Graveyard Shift" episode of SpongeBob, you're probably familiar with him. The movie was made in 1922 and despite its cheesiness and primitive special effects, I find it quite honestly scary (like a "creepy, interesting" kind of scary, not a jump "out-of-your-seat" kind of scary). Maybe it's the fact that it's outdated and silent that adds to the creepiness. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it (maybe even more than 20,000 Leagues).

Then I watched part of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Again, creepy, especially the opening scene with the ghostly lady. The titular character, Dr. Caligari, looked almost like Ebenezer Scrooge (you know, from "A Christmas Carol). Anyways, I never finished it.

Netflix also added "The Charlie Chaplin Collection", which consists of humorous shorts played out by Charlie Chaplin. I watched a few days ago over the weekend, and found it kinda funny. He's almost like the Mr. Bean of the early 1900's. Maybe a sitcom in those days. Nonetheless, it was great, interesting, and nearly a century old!

So, yeah, that marks the end of my first post. I look forward to typing again.