The call of cory Edit

once opun a time a kiddo named eddie wanted to have a girlfriend sadly he was not swag

the girls on the school hated him for saying that dat boi is a original meme, the girls also disliked him because he was a otaku.

His favorite anime was cory in the house

He say that cory was moar powerful than kami tenchi the cum guy

One day he dreamed cory, cory say him: GET THE WHATER NIGGA IS DOIN ON A MOTHERFUCKING BOOTLEGS FIRWORK SHIT. Eddie doesnt understand the meaning of the phrase and cory kill him

HE awake at the 4:20 am time of the grub goin, he turn on the tv and he beginned to see cory in the house

Then somebody knock the door it was virgo the kkk team leader, he say I DOESNT UNDERSTAND YOU and then destroyed the tv with a banana, eddie was scared. Virgo knocked him and then he send him to the social justice headquarters.

When eddie was knocked he dream with cory again cory say: "you just need to sacrifice 420 virgin kkk members and be a swag guy" sadly eddie say him that he was no swag, then cory put him a monster condom for his magnum dong in the nose. Cory say: "you need to exhale" eddie exhaled and he turned to be skidward after being awaken cory say "they are just 2"

When he awaked he was in a chair in a room with a light a fat girl say to him:"how many genders are there" eddie say "2" the fat girl was triggered then he wanted to kill eddie but it was to late...

Eddie had the monster condom but he cannot move so the fat girl turn on a radio with a justin biber song called sweetdreams, Eddie screamed and the fat girl was laughting Eddie called cory, the fat girl say "WHO THE FUK IS CORY" and then cory appeared and destroyed the radio with a SINGLE punch the fat girl wanted to kill him with a pencil but cory expanded his dong and made the fat girl explode

A girly boi appeared in the room he say "YOU MAKE ME CRY AHDASJDAKD" cory get a potato and kill him with it.

cory say get the fuk of my rum im playing mincraft, corytake safely eddie out of the room.

when they escaped they see rainbow colored communists...

{---------------------TO BE CONTINUED