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Justin Bieber, born in August 1993, was a boy with supposed talent, which wasn't very talented at all. At the age of four, he used his "talent", to win girl's hearts, which, unfortunately, worked. So many gullibles girl's lives were taken away by what we now know as the "Biggest Pop-star Ever". Justin Bieber was accidentally born into North Korea, with his parents Jason Bieber and Amanda Bieber. After several years of fame on the internet, mostly through videos on YouTube, Kim Kardashian discovered his videos, and decided to create the very first website of him. Soon, fangirls started viewing the website, and, in just one friggin' month, the site had 12,031,045 views. In the next years to come, Justin Bieber would become the next big-shot, surpassing even that of the Jonas Brothers, for crazy fangirls. However, in 2009, Jerry Simon, called him a "faggot" in an interview on live television. Although, he was right, he shouldn't have said it on live television. Jason and Amanda, Justin's parents, are now divorced. Now, due to this event, Justin Bieber is currently living in the LA Zoo, with a family of gorillas.