Bratz was a doll company, started by a guy who wanted to make Barbies have big lips. Instead, he had summoned the Bratz doll, a whole new type of doll. From there on forth, his Bratz dolls came complete with a skimpy outfit, and a pair of boots (made with real bear fur). He started a whole new era, called "Bratz Era", the time when Bratz kicked ass. Barbies was obsolete. After a million attempts, always ending up saying, "Damn!', the creators of Barbie had created the LIV doll, which was a whole reconstruction of Barbie, made to look like "teenagers". I was like "WTF?" Then Bratz had come back, since they heard about Barbie making LIV, and holy sh-t, was it horrible. People had to wait in 3-week-long lines just for a friggin', half-ass doll, that practically had no life at all! LOL. I maded a rhyme.