thumb|300px|leftBoohbah (not to be confused with "boobs", the word most often used when referring to a woman's breasts) is a 2004 live-action series presented by Marvel, which came from the same guy who produced Spider-Man and the more famous Super-Man. During 2002, Marvel and Capcom were dealing with a "tug-of-war", in which they were demanding money in order to even for ripping their characters off. Marvel demanded the most, at a total of $100,000. Soon, a number of other large companies were struggling with large demands of money. Playboy soon demanded $100,000,000 from Marvel because they claimed they stole their idea of a sexy female superhero from them, which caused controversy. All three companies were struggling on hard times. Business was crumbling, and Marvel was going bankrupt. However, Marvel was given a chance to stay in bussiness, if they could make five new, original characters. Stan "Man" Lee had heard of a show known as Teletubbies some years later, and was soon inspired to create something similar, but still unique. He began experimenting, by connecting different-sized balls together, and seeing if they could generate his character. Tokyopop, a largely-known publisher of manga, began looking into the subject of superheroes. They came across Yoshima Hiro, whom had helped in creating the basic design of Super-Man in the 1930s. Tokyopop was impressed, for they had never seen anything like it. His character design, they stated, was simply a joy to behold. Growing up in a family of four, Yoshima was always interested in other cultures, including America. At the age of 34, he began writing his own comics, which featured a cast of stickmen living in a remote forested area. As Tokyopop saw some of his past work, they were impressed, and hired him without any money involved. However, in early 2003, Stan Lee was put to a challenge. Stan had put aside his other characters, and began looking into other characters. He designed a heroine he called "Beegirl", which Yoshima had also created. The two heroines looked almost completely alike, except Stan's had shorter hair. Yoshima decided to let it happen, but, little did he know, some of friends were insulted. They decided to sue Stan for $131,000. Stan was left in tears. Months passed, he decided to work a little bit more on what would be known as "Boohbah". Suddenly, a breakthrough, he had done it! A new hero for little kids! A team of five fuzzy creatures, which are supposed to be floating sources of immense powers. In each episode, they exit a brightly-shining orb, which is their home. The first season did a swell job, but as 2005 approached, it went off air for life. Stan was devestated.